One thought on “Disclaimer

  1. As an educator who just relocated from California teaching Biology, and substituting in Florida Education system an outsider looking in; I can honestly see why Florida has so many obstacles. In my opinion, ensuring all students receive an adequate education isn’t top priority this notion of preparing for a test takes precedence over ensuring our students are prepared for the 21st Century which explain why so many aren’t. I’m at odds every time I walk in to substitute for a teacher and find complete chaos in the classroom. Absolutely no classroom management skills being employed especially in the predominately black schools where more African American males are likely to drop out. The students who are enrolled in AP and Honors classes are told they’re there because of their smartness when indeed we need to challenge more African American students to enroll in these classes. The system is failing our students because too many teachers are not reminding our students the importance of an education and the commitment it takes to achieve a quality one. It’s time some of our teachers be evaluated and see whey student motivation and achievement isn’t top priority then a test will take it proper place.

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