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  1. I am at Broward Schools. Your videos are on and that is blocked in our intranet. Is there any other way that videos can be made available?

    • Thank you for your response. We know this is an issue in some districts, but we still hope that educators, students, and parents will continue to take advantage of our social media outlets whenever possible. The EducationFL channel features a growing library of videos that will help teachers, parents, students and others enhance their connection to, and understanding of, Florida education. This new video channel also helps the Department provide new ways of collecting stakeholder input.

  2. concerning 6th grade reading FCAT in 2012: It is my understanding that all 6th grade students must take the reading FCAT on a computer. This leads to several problems.
    1) many if not most schools do not have enough computers to allow the whole 6th grade to take the test at the same time- so what should be done about this?
    2. students have been preparing for the FCAT the traditional way and for their ‘big test’ the format is being changed
    3. most schools have old computers and old monitors that are not suited for continuous reading
    4. strategies that students have been taught cannot be used on a computer screen
    5. 6th graders are really young and creating this kind of stress by changing the ‘rule” seems counterproductive and setting some students up for failure
    6. it is not unusual for computers to go down during a class period- if they go down during FCAT it seems that a serious problem ensues

  3. Good day Commissioner Robinson: I am contacting you for help and guidance to get the word out about the upcoming workshop in Jacksonville on Friday, March 9, 2012 from 8:30 am-12:30 pm at the Jacksonville Public Library.
    We frequently receive emails and phone calls from middle school and high school staff in Florida, which is why we decided to hold a workshop in your area to introduce the Character Development and Leadership Curriculum. Therefore, we just want to make sure you are aware of the Character Development and Leadership workshop being offered. Please pass this information on to middle school and high schools personnel you believe would be interested in attending the free workshop. Please feel free to contact Joseph HoedelPh.D. at (336) 462-7834 or e-mail: or
    Thank you so much fo your help. It is greatly appreciated.

  4. Will this study also include gas milage that these students have to use to get to clinicals? My boyfriend and I are a struggling couple with a daughter trying to make ends meet while he goes back to school at PTEC which to my understanding is a pinellas county school. Since he is going for LPN and trying to help raise our daughter it leaves him working part time. My problem is he is being sent OUT of county to do his clinicals because his teacher lives in pasco and doesnt want to drive to Pinellas for clinicals. Why must we suffer on our already stressed budget to afford gas for this? I dont know if this would be the right topic to express my concerns, but will someone PLEASE tell me why he must make a sacrifice of time and money for a teacher who chose to work in pinellas and live in pasco? When we signed up for the particular class we were told clinicals were in pinellas county. When we expressed our concerns to the school we were lied to and told they never do that. If they never do it why is he being force to go to pasco or fail?

  5. Dear Commissioner Robinson:


    My name is Geoffrey Philp and I am a children’s author from Miami, Florida. I would like my book, Marcus and the Amazons, to be included in next year’s Just Read, Florida!

    As you can see, Marcus and the Amazons has already been recommended by teachers in New Jersey,, and I have been reading in many libraries and elementary schools in Miami:

    Marcus and the Amazons has also garnered favorable reviews from many readers:

    I look forward to hearing from you.


    Geoffrey Philp

  6. I drive my stepdaughter to school bus stop on goldenrod and yucatan in orange county when is still dark. Lots of vehicles on both way with no respect for the student. Some dont stop when bus is picking up students. Others slow down looking at the girls. Something must to be done to protect our student, specially at this time in the morning. We need security in a hurry before a tragedy happen. This students are from colonial h.s. They just standing there talking without notice was going around. Thank you and hoping you take care of this asap. Robert vazquez.

  7. Commissioner,
    I have been told that at a recent conference held at the Hilton Daytona Beach Resort, Dr. Timothy M. Weil gave a paper, “Impact of Rule Governance on Motivation and its Clinical Application”; it was part of the proceedings of the Florida Association for Behavior Analysis. In his September 27 address, it is alleged that he did the following:
    He put up a picture of an equal sign (=) in the middle of the large screen and then added a picture of a priest holding a crucifix to the left of it, and a picture of a toilet to the right. He then asked the audience to comment on what the picture means. Someone from the audience yelled, “They’re both full of shit.” After the audience settled down, Dr. Weil strolled around the room and gleefully repeated the response; those who were there knew he got the response he sought.

    I believe this to be true and believe as a citizen of the State of Florida action should be taken — some sort of demand for apology, at the very least and an opinion/directive from your office that religious comment in the classroom or at any time by instructors/teachers is not permissible!

    My true feeling is that this man should be terminated from his position and his teachings credentials removed permanently.

  8. Dear Commissioner,

    I am a student reporter for FAU’s South Florida Journal I’m covering a story regarding the newly implemented Florida Standards Assessment (FSA). As you know, the assessment will go into effect in Spring 2015. I would like to sit down for an interview with you regarding your expectations for the FSA.  

    Please feel free to contact me via my email to set up an interview time. Your participation will be greatly appreciated. 

    Thank you, 
    Tharadjyne Orisma

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