Gov. Scott Presents Shine Awards to Eight Outstanding Educators

Governor Rick Scott recognized eight outstanding educators from around the state for their contributions to educating Florida students with Governor's Shine Awards.

Governor Rick Scott recognized eight outstanding educators from around the state for their contributions to educating Florida students with Governor’s Shine Awards.

Today, during a meeting of Florida’s Cabinet, Governor Rick Scott recognized eight outstanding educators from around the state for their contributions to educating Florida students with Governor’s Shine Awards. The Governor’s Shine Award is presented to educators and administrators in Florida who make significant contributions to the field of education.

Governor Scott said, “Every day, Florida’s teachers work hard to equip our students with the resources they need to succeed in college and careers. I applaud these great teachers for their commitment to helping Florida’s students realize their future potential. I am proud to present the Governor’s Shine Award to these eight teachers for going above and beyond in order to make a difference in the lives of their students.”

  • Mike Coffey, Indian River County, Sebastian River Middle School – Mike Coffey is a sixth-grade science teacher at Sebastian River Middle School. Mike works hard to involve parents and community members into his curriculum plans, and tries to show students the real-world application of each lesson.
  • Aubrey Ford, Bay County, Bay Haven Charter Academy – Aubrey Ford is a third grade teacher at Bay Haven Charter Academy. She has a strong rapport with her students, parents, fellow faculty and staff, and encourages her students to view learning as fun and exciting. Aubrey strives to design activities that allow students to choose how to best complete tasks and pursue their own interests.
  • Audrey Gay, Franklin County, Franklin County School – A 38-year veteran of Franklin County Schools, Audrey Gay teaches fifth grade at Franklin County School in Eastpoint. She introduces hands-on science lessons and also uses music to aid in student retention of information.
  • Deborah Horzen, Orange County, Cypress Creek High School – A teacher at Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, Deborah Horzen is the 2014 Florida German Teacher of the Year. She is in her third year of teaching at Cypress Creek High School, which is home to the largest German-language program in Florida. Deborah’s classroom provides a supportive environment for students at all learning levels to engage and communicate in the target language. She uses a wide variety of strategies, classroom technology and real-world materials, including music, video and web-based components, to appeal to all types of language learners.
  • Deborah “Gail” Miller, Columbia County, Eastside Elementary School – For 20 years, Deborah “Gail” Miller has enjoyed working with students with a wide variety of disabilities. She currently teaches fourth and fifth grade students at Eastside Elementary in Lake City. Gail strives to maintain a classroom environment where all students, no matter their level of skills, are fully engaged in learning experiences.
  • Charles Moseley, St. Johns County, Switzerland Point Middle School – Charles Moseley teaches eighth grade at Switzerland Point Middle School and has been with the school district for more than 20 years. He often collaborates with other teachers around the world via social media to keep his lessons current. Charles’ approach to his classroom is unique in that he divides his classes into departments similar to those found in large private corporations. Students apply for specific positions and rotate through these departments during the year. This tactic helps to cover teaching benchmarks with interactive and real-world experiences.
  • Tiffany Scott, Lake County, Mount Dora Middle School – Tiffany Scott has been a teacher for six years and is currently teaching math at Mount Dora Middle School. She has been described by her principal as a teacher who goes above and beyond to get her students excited about math. Tiffany works to help students make connections between the content and how it is relevant in today’s society.
  • Tom Williams, Union County, Union County High School – Tom Williams is the Senior Agriculture Education Instructor at Union County High School. During the past 28 years, Tom has imparted many academic and life lessons to his students, members of Future Farmers of America, and the student body in general. He has helped developed new agriculture programs such as Food Science, mentored aspiring teachers, coached many state winning teams that have advanced to the national level of competition, and helped prepare countless graduates for life and careers beyond high school.

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