Celebrate Florida College System Month


Randy Hanna

Chancellor of the Florida College System

Florida Department of Education

April is national community college month, and here in Florida, we’re celebrating the impact the 28 institutions in the Florida College System have on students, families, communities and the state.

I was a first generation college student from rural Gadsden County. The Florida College System was designed for students like me to be able to access high-quality education and job training at affordable prices.

I know first-hand the iImagempact going to college can have on someone’s life. And I’m proud to represent the nation’s best college system.

Our system is comprised of 28 colleges, community colleges and state colleges with locations all across the state. Colleges offer a variety of programs, including
certificates, associate degrees and, in some cases, bachelor’s degrees. They have an open-door admissions policy, meaning anyone with a high school diploma (or its equivalent) can enter. And our 2+2 system guarantees Associate in Arts graduates admission to upper-division at state universities or colleges offering bachelor’s degree programs.

But it doesn’t stop there. Our colleges are committed to ensuring that students succeed. Fifty-four percent of juniors and seniors in the State University System are Florida College System transfers. Almost 82 percent of our graduates are employed or continuing education within one year of graduation. The average starting salary is $46,186. And 93 percent of our graduates remain in Florida to work, ready to fill the needs of local business and industry.

I believe the state has a responsibility to help Floridians succeed in college and careers. As we celebrate Florida College System Month throughout April, I encourage you to visit our website for more information about how our colleges are fulfilling their mission to improve lives through education.