“That which we want to improve we measure.”

Earlier this afternoon, I was delighted to welcome approximately 75 teachers, district curriculum specialists, and content experts from across the state to the start of a four-day standard-setting meeting for Biology I and Geometry EOC assessments and FCAT 2.0 Science.

Guided by experienced psychometricians, participants will spend their days reviewing statewide content requirements to help define what students should know and be able to do in each of these subject areas. They will identify expectations for teachers, students, and parents.  And they will focus on improving teaching and learning for Florida students that will help them develop the skills necessary to compete in a global society.

Standard-setting is integral to how we measure what we are doing within our education system. Having content experts from around the state who work with their students and their geographic area helps us make decisions that can be consistent statewide.

Next week, we will have a reactor panel that will do exactly as the name suggests. The panel will include people from the community, businesses, and education who will spend two days considering the impact of the recommendations from the content experts and then make their own recommendations. The public will be invited to provide their input at rule workshops across the state and on our department website. Eventually, all of the recommendations go to the State Board of Education for action.

One thought on ““That which we want to improve we measure.”

  1. It pleases me that you are so responsive to educator feedback. Education is all about collaboration. Thank you for reaching out to teachers and trying to effect positive change. I would be pleased if you reviewed some of my suggestions for improving education under “Rationale/Research” on my website, synthesizingeducation.net. Perhaps you would like to leave a comment there as well?

    Thank you.

    James, synthesizingeducation.net

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