Commissioner Robinson’s Response to the Tampa Bay Times July 30 Politifact article

I was disappointed in the Tampa Bay Times July 30 PolitiFact article regarding a recent statement I made that the FCAT accounts for “less than one percent of the instructional time.”  The context of my statement related to the minutes spent to take the exam in relation to the minimum required minutes of annual instruction in our public schools.  My statement was made in direct response to a claim that our students are wasting too much time “taking required tests.”

In this article, PolitiFact agreed that evidence provided to them by the Department of Education verified the accuracy of my statement when taken in this context.  However, PolitiFact claims my statement was made to deflect criticism that too much time is spent “teaching to the test.”  If this were true, I would agree with PolitiFact’s conclusion.  However, since PolitiFact misrepresents the context of my statement, I rate their finding as False.

Before I leave this subject, I understand there are concerns that there is too much testing, too much time spent practicing for tests, and not enough time spent teaching to required standards.  I want to assure your readers that the Florida Department of Education will continue to look for opportunities to improve the way we use testing to inform instruction and ensure accountability for students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers in Florida.


2 thoughts on “Commissioner Robinson’s Response to the Tampa Bay Times July 30 Politifact article

  1. Someone called you out on your Bureaucrata-Speak and you’re getting fussy, that’s all this current posting is. In your June 15th response to the Florida School Boards Association’s Anti-High-Stakes-Testing Resolution you had an opportunity to speak authentically, and you missed it. PolitiFact called you out on it and now you’re trying to use more Bureaucrata-Speak to try to re-claim the moral highground. Relax. We get it. You want to be a politician. Unfortunately, you’re in charge of Education in Florida, and the search for truth and meaning should never be politicized. Please, for the students and teachers sake, just take the hit, admit your June 15th response was a calculated political move, and you blew it. You could have acknowledged the worries and concerns of the intelligent Educators and Thinkers of the FSBA in an authentic manner and offered a hand to join them in protecting our students against the Pedagogical-Industrial-Testing mechanisms in place in this state, but you played it like a politician rather than an authentic educator.

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