Students’ Return on Investment

The Department of Education serves as a data repository for a variety of information allowing us to track student performance across time and in varying education sectors. Starting this month, the Department will embark upon a joint project with the Florida Council of 100 to determine the state’s return on investment for students attending various postsecondary educational institutions. The goal of this project is to track graduates of Florida’s public schools as they transition from colleges and universities into the workforce. The data analysis will examine the various jobs and wages these students obtain and compare them with the state’s costs of providing those same students with the postsecondary training and education they received within our education system. This unique opportunity will pull from existing data sources including the Department’s Education Data Warehouse as well as the Florida Education and Training Placement Information Program (FETPIP).


One thought on “Students’ Return on Investment

  1. I would like to learn more about this project and understand how it might relate to the previous efforts under OPPAGA to express the concept of ROI. I am currently in a shared position with Duval County Public Schools and the Schultz Center for Teaching and Leadership in Jacksonville, but have used FETPIP in the past to determine follow-up status of former graduates in Pasco County and always felt we needed to do a better job of tracking the success of students as they transition from public schools into higher education and the workforce. KPD.

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