Sneak peeks at college life – including how to pay for it!

Guest post by Reyonna Parrish, DOE Office of Student Financial Assistance

What takes the fear out of doing something for the first time? Giving it a trial run. And that is exactly what more than 500 Florida middle school students did during the second annual Florida Department of Education College & Career Day . From campus tours and presentations to meeting face-to-face with college and university recruiters, students walked away with information on financial aid, scholarships, advanced coursework and many other tools to help them succeed as they prepare for high school and beyond. The on-campus experiences and the real-world discussions with those who have been there and done that left an impression on these young minds.

Now, how to pay for the real experience? That is where we come in. DOE’s Office of Student Financial Assistance has tons of info, scholarships and assistance for you. Check us out online!

Did you go to college? If so, what memories do you have of college life? What hopes do you have for incoming college freshmen or other students today? How did you pay for college?

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