Panhandle School Visits


Warrington Middle School

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit Warrington Middle School in Escambia County. I enjoyed meeting Superintendent Malcolm Thomas, students, teachers, school board members, PTA members and administrators. Warrington is one of the state’s Intervene schools, and during my visit, I saw first-hand the challenges they are facing, and the work they are doing to improve the academic outcomes of their students. I was encouraged to see innovative learning approaches, particularly when it comes to their new National Flight Academy where students will obtain hands-on aviation classroom experiences. The program is a joint effort between the district and Pensacola’s Naval Air Station, and is the first of its kind in the nation. What a great way for students to learn STEM-focused knowledge that will help prepare them for success throughout school and in the workforce. I look forward to hearing more about this program, and appreciate the community’s active involvement in helping this school improve.  

Emerald Coast Middle School

I also visited Emerald Coast Middle School in Walton County. This new facility is quite impressive. It was interesting to see the creative approaches they are taking to use technology to aid in their students’ education.  One class had students using iPods to listen and view the day’s lesson. I also saw a music class where students were tasked with identifying various musical instruments through the use of a smart board. These represent exciting examples of how our schools are using technology to augment the learning process, and I appreciate Superintendent Carlene Anderson’s leadership and staff for their work in this district.  

It was great to see how excited our students and teachers are about making this the best school year yet. I want to continue listening and learning, and will be visiting more schools around the state soon.


2 thoughts on “Panhandle School Visits

  1. All of these stories sound very nice but I have a nephew living in Florida who dropped out if high school and now at 19yrs old wants to return and be able to get his diploma but is being denied. How can you speak of helping so many children and deny a kid who has relized he made a mistake the opportunity to make it right. Please if there is anything anyone out there knows about that might help us get him back in school email me. Thanks

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