Teacher, student, parent passion for reading is inspiring

Every year when we honor Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! it reminds me how passionate our students, teachers, staff and officials are about giving every child the gift of literacy. Next week, hundreds of volunteers throughout the state will be visiting Florida schools to share their personal love of reading.  They’ll bring the message that reading anything, including magazines, e-readers and websites, increases the reader’s vocabulary and knowledge.  They’ll encourage parents throughout their communities to get involved in the fun and simple task of sharing reading with their children.  And most importantly, they’ll be in classrooms interacting with students and talking about how today’s students can contribute to our state’s great future, and it all starts with reading.

We have a ton of events planned next week – from gift card giveaways and PSA contest winners to the Million Minute Read and book signings by Florida authors, including Edward Bloor, author of Taken.   That’s not to mention the hundreds of school and district-specific events organized by our fine teachers and educational leaders throughout the state.   To learn more about how you can participate in next week’s events or to learn more about the many partners contributing to Celebrate Literacy Week, Florida! this year, check out our list of events. And this weekend, give some thought to how you can help encourage students, parents, teachers and other Floridians to grow their love of literacy next week and all year round!


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